Photos by Josh Hughes 

COMMERCIAL LOCATION SCOUT & MANAGER: Over the past 18 years I have been privileged to lead projects with top Agencies and Directors on Commercial and New Media campaigns for national and international clientele. Working closely with the Director, Producer and Production team, I guide the visual experience of locations in order to achieve a successful project. I provide superior service and go above and beyond expectations to contribute as a team player. I am well versed in commercial, residential, city and state agencies to ensure that the tools and talents are in place to realize all creative objectives by using my artistic and business abilities to their fullest. Local 399 Teamster/ LMGI Member

STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY & ON LOCATION FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER: Aside from the Commercial Location Scouting and Management, I have been busy shooting for various clothing companies in downtown Los Angeles over the past 14 years. I am a highly talented and creative Photographer with a background in art and fashion. Hard working and detail oriented, with the ability to multi-task effectively in fast-paced environments, I approach each project in an innovative way in order to create a strong visual story. I am skilled in portraiture, conceptual, fashion and special event photography and adept at reviewing, analyzing and selecting prints that best interpret the theme and overall look desired.


Chanson de geste LLC.